Love, Guaranteed

Un film (Netflix) de Mark Steven Johnson avec Rachael Leigh Cook, Damon Wayans Jr., Heather Graham, Sean Amsing (2020). A Seattle (clin d’œil aux fans du genre !), une avocate indépendante passionnée de justice accepte de défendre le client malheureux d’un site de rencontre garantissant le succès (d’où, mais oui, le titre). Comédie romantique totalement prévisible réalisée sans génie mais plutôt fraiche et occasionnellement drôle. Pour les amateurs du genre (dans le style ultra-classique!). Le meilleur est peut-être le texte qui passe dans le générique de fin:  » Disclaimer: Love is never guaranteed. Side effects may include heartache, irritability, stress, nervousness, snuggles, restless sleep, dizziness, elation, sharing French fries, deflation, weight gain, babytalk, babies, sudden mood changes, holidays at the in-laws, sleeping on the couch, game night, warm fuzzies, financial woes, Hawaii, neck kisses, Netflix and chill, gentle caresses, butterflies, self medication, role playing, uneasy stomach, adorable pet names, annoying pet names, cutting carbs, sneaking a donut, Monday Night Football, 90 Day Fiancé, laughing until you cry, crying until you laugh, new puppies, old dogs, fur babies, becoming a dad, dad jokes, dad bod, hot yoga, cold showers, texting, sexting, negging, spooning, Chinese take out, tandem bike rides, taking every online relationship quiz, never being right again, sharing crossword puzzles, sharing one toothbrush, leaving the toilet seat down, fighting over the remote, manscaping, waxing your business, morning breath, back rubs, foot rubs, rub and tugs, in-laws, ex-laws, smile lines, working overtime, mortgages, taxes, riding the ferris wheel, funnel cake, Adele, picnics, checking for ticks, wedding, divorces, taco Tuesday, Lamaze class, couples massage, migraines, matching sweaters, matching headstones, karaoke nights, fear of commitment, fear of failure, growing together, growing apart… »

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